Thomas Piggott
User Experience Lead

Two U of M degrees. A bit much, no?

Could be, as it's really the second degree I'm most proud of. As an undergraduate, the University of Michigan drew me in on the idea of all the people I'd meet, the world-class academics, and the football (though that was actually kind of rough while I was there). I studied Computer Science and like all CS majors, I wanted to make video games. While getting my degree, though, I realized more and more that I was really interested in designing the right experience and less about how it was actually implemented.

After graduating with my degree, I continued working as a developer at the place I'd interned, Menlo Innovations. It was there that I was exposed to their "High Tech Anthropology®" practice and really started to gain interest in doing more design work. After a year there, I figured it was time to make it official and seek a degree in Human-Computer Interaction.

So, while continuing to work at Menlo, I sought my Master of Science in Information, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. There, I gained the theoretical and academic understanding of design but also a practical exposure through classes that emphasized real-world client work. My time there is also what connected me to both the opportunity to work in Singapore, at Menlo Innovations, and at Cengage. And for those connections, I am grateful to my alma mater.

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