Thomas Piggott
User Experience Lead
Foreign Lands

Foreign Lands was born out of a need to help travelers adapt to their locations. Switching to a new measurement system, currency, and timezone can be difficult and this app aims to help with the most common conversions for speed, distance, etc. I designed and developed this app as a personal project allowing me to keep up with the latest Android design language.

Design The goal of this app is to provide travelers a quick, one-stop spot for all the measurements and currency conversions they might need. It was also a chance for me to gain a deeper understanding of Google's Material design language, with features like layers and shadows to convey depth and meaning. Designing Foreign Lands was also an exercise in reducing the interface to only the absolute necessities which was important to furthering my understanding of the design constraints on mobile devices.

Development Development for this project consisted of familiarizing myself with the Android SDK and their new development studio. It also provided an excellent experience in adapting design to what was technically feasible (based purely on my own abilities as a coder).

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