Thomas Piggott
User Experience Lead

Product Platform Redesign

Product Home Page: After Product Home Page: Before
Example product home page with improved branding, positioning of key search bar and toolbar items not hidden behind hamburger menu. Hover to see before.
The Gale product platform was updated in 2017 to deliver an improved, consistent experience across Gale's 200+ research products. To get there took 2 years of research and design iteration with input from hundreds of students, teachers, and librarians. Our primary goals were the following:

Improving Consistency and Brand Identity

Creating over 200+ research products, all featuring different content, meant there were a lot of different interfaces built over Gale's history. With a major effort to move the products to a single platform, this was the opportunity to standardize their look and implement a strong brand identify. The UX team worked to standardize the experience where possible while keeping the customizations that provided unique value to the content or specific research experience. UX also teamed with the Marketing team to ensure brand recognition through multiple concepts and testing with hundreds of users through unmoderated remote testing through UserZoom.

3 Similar Products Before

3 Similar Products After

Updated Search Experience

Over time, a lot had been added to the search experience and it was time to refocus on just the aspects that were helping users get the results they wanted. Here's what we did to achieve that:

Focus on Accessibility

Not only is ensuring accessibility a great way to improve overall usability, it's good business. We wanted to ensure our platform empowered researchers with disabilities rather than present barriers to them. Here's the actions we took:

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