Thomas Piggott
User Experience Lead
Must research be so boring?

Not if I have anything to say about it! As we worked to redesign our elemntary school product, one aspect that was clearly in need of a rework was our browse path. The way it was structured made it only useful to a librarian or teacher looking to see what our topic coverage was. Now, it's a more engaging path for students to take as they find topics that intrigue them.

You can see in the first gallery, above, the old flow. Imagery use was out of balance with the text and content on the page. The last image shows the end point with a massive banner followed by a long text list of topics.

Now take a look at the gallery below, our updated design. Imagery and text pair better together, and the images are dedicated to the content and topics - no longer there simply as decoration. Additionally, animation is used selectively to make images spin, wiggle, or grow to show not only what the user may select but add some fun.

A major undertaking by the team was also the addition of images for every topic. Now students no longer have to rely soley on their reading comprehension skills to navigate and find interesting articles, images, or videos for their schoolwork.

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