Thomas Piggott
User Experience Lead

Top Stories

Get me away from search results!
The goal of any good search results page is to get you off the results and into the content you care about. See how we redesigned search to focus on getting off the page as fast as possible.
Must research be so boring?
Absolutely not! When designing products for K-5 students, it’s important to excite their curiosity. See how we made browse a much more engaging and learner focused experience.
Holy Contrast, Batman!
Take a look at how we created a color palette for our platform that could meet accessibility standards, stay on brand, and look attractive all at the same time.

Design Spotlight

Bringing text and data mining to the humanities
Computer science and the humanities unite to help researchers find new insights. See how the Gale Digital Scholar Lab was designed to be a welcoming introduction to humanities students new to the field of Digital Humanities and powerful for those already deeply immersed in it.


Start with Questions
The process always starts with questions – about project and business goals, what we know about our users, aspirations, and constraints, all in service of making the best use of everyone's time.
Iterate the Design
Iterating designs with rounds of feedback is the best way to ensure a design's success. Understanding user behavior is also key to being able to adapt the design when technical issues inevitably arise during development.

All Projects

In Context: Elementary
Rebooting a product to help K-5 students research and learn.
Product Platform Redesign
Re-working an entire platform to create a consistent experience, focused on today’s students.
Digital Scholar Lab
Opening up new avenues of research for scholars in the humanities. Redesign
Giving the marketing team power and flexibility to better serve customers.
Enabling communication between caregiver and patient, for language barriers, the nonvocal, or critically ill.
Making the diagnosis of semi-truck issues easier, leading to faster repairs so trucks can get back on the road.
Embracing the power of mobile phones in the classroom with a suite of tools for students and teachers.
Giving students a way to discuss their classes and assignments.
Foreign Lands
Helping travelers while exploring Material Design and Android development.
This website!
Flexing some scarcely used HTML/CSS and Javascript skills to make my portfolio.

Experience & Education

Present – 2015
Empowering the library and the learners they serve
As the lead UX designer at Gale, I guide our team in design thinking and work to improve our whole line of products.
2015 – 2013
What in the world is High-Tech Anthropology®?
My role at Menlo Innovations gave me experience in many industries and exposed me to design practices I still use today.
A trip to Singapore
Over the summer of 2012, I worked in a 3rd grade classroom to deploy educational apps and study how they were used.
2012, 2009
Two U of M degrees. A bit much, no?
Take a quick peak at my education and see why I’ve got two degress from the same university.

Teaching UX

UX Workshop for Product Managers
With a small UX team, it was imperative to teach product managers what UX was, the value we can provide, and how they can conduct their own research when we’re not available.
High-Tech Anthropology® Workshop
Teaching the value of Agile and how Menlo integrates design into the process, given as a 3-day class with many different clients.
The Power of Promiscuous Pairing
An exercise in pairing with others and the value of switching pairs often at Agile & Beyond 2014.
Strength in Scenarios
Exploring the use of scenarios to produce impactful user testing results for a workshop at Agile 2013.

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